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British Transplant Games

Group shot of team Anthony Nolan at the transplant games

The British Transplant Games sees up to 2,500 people of all ages and abilities come together to take part in a wide range of sporting events. They have one crucial thing in common: they have all had life-changing transplants.

Organised by Transplant Sport, this annual four-day event celebrates transplants, donors and life. It encourages patients to regain fitness after their transplant and it persuades more people to join the UK donor registers. It's also a chance to meet other patients, families and donors – and is incredibly fun.

In 2015 a group of nine stem cell recipients came together for the first time as Team Anthony Nolan for the British Transplant Games in Newcastle Gateshead. They had an unforgettable experience, taking part in 17 events and coming home with 15 medals. Anthony Nolan has taken a team to the British Transplant Games ever since.

In July 2022 our team of 22 patients and donors won a total of 34 medals across a range of events in Leeds. These included golf, tennis, darts, cycling, walking, mini marathon (3K and 5K), squash, badminton, table tennis, 800m, long jump, 10 pin bowling and sport stacking.

To celebrate the gift of a transplant through sport is just fantastic. To have the opportunity to do that with others with similar experiences and a group of Anthony Nolan staff who hugely care to understand what life during and post transplant is like, is a real privilege. We're sure that everyone involved is richer for the opportunity.

Fiona Rogers, member of Team AN

The next British Transplant Games will take place in Coventry from Thurs 27th – Sunday 30th July 2023.

Registration for the 2023 British Transplant Games has now closed.

If you are interested in joining Team AN for the British Transplant Games in 2024, please email: 

The British Transplant Games website has further info and we answer some Frequently Asked Questions below.

British Transplant Games - FAQs

Is there an age limit?

Transplant recipients of all ages can compete at the British Transplant Games, from the under 5s to the over 70s.

I’m still having some treatment. Am I able to compete?

Yes – as long as you can have some recent blood tests signed off by your transplant consultant, and they’re happy for you to do the events you have selected.

What events can I take part in?

There are a variety of events for children and adults, which suit all abilities and different stages post-transplant.

Events include
For adults: Archery, Squash, 10 Pin Bowling, Darts, Tennis, Table Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Walking, Mini Marathon (2.5k or 5k), Badminton, Swimming and track & field events.

For children: Tennis, Cycling, Walking, Swimming and track & field events (25m, 50m, long jump, ball throw).

What costs does Anthony Nolan cover?

We aim to cover all British Transplant Games registration fees.

Can donors take part?

The British Transplant Games is primarily for people who have received a transplant. Stem cell donors can compete in some events including the Donor Run (3K or 5K). The other sporting events available to donors vary every year - these have previously included badminton, swimming, 100m, ball throw, long jump, football and netball.

If you have any further questions, please email us: 

Nadia's story

Nadia had a stem cell transplant in 2002. In this film she tells us about everything she's achieved since then, including taking part in the British Transplant Games:

Information published: 21/05/23
Next review due: 21/05/24

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