Royal Parks half marathon 2017

Volunteer at an event

No event would be complete without the team of magnificent Anthony Nolan volunteers, enthusiastically cheering on each and every incredible person in #TeamAN. So, if you’ve got a loud set of lungs and a passion for supporting people with blood cancer, check out the volunteering opportunities at events across the UK throughout the year!

Knowing that the black and green balloons are on the horizon, with some of the noisiest cheerers on the route, provides such a boost of energy. Sometimes, you run past the cheer point and your legs feel lighter. You smile, you dance, you forget about any pain you're suffering and you feel like you're being picked up.

Simeon, Anthony Nolan runner.

What you’ll get when you volunteer:

  • A seriously slick Anthony Nolan t-shirt 
  • Cheer equipment to make as much noise as possible 
  • The chance to meet a team of incredible people
  • A real buzz that you’re a part of something amazing.

Volunteering for Anthony Nolan at an event is an experience you'll never forget. The organisation is second to none, the satisfaction is amazing, the teamwork is unreal and I can guarantee you at the end of the day you will have memories and a smile that will be long lasting.

Eugene, Anthony Nolan volunteer.