Healthcare professionals and patients in a clinical setting

COVID-19: Protecting patients at a critical time

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Anthony Nolan has worked tirelessly to keep lifesaving stem cell transplants going and ensure patients keep receiving vital treatment and care.

People with a weakened immune system are at a higher risk of experiencing more serious complications from COVID-19. Find the latest advice about how COVID-19 is impacting stem cell transplants, as well as support for patients.

Throughout the pandemic, our Policy & Public Affairs team have raised awareness of stem cell transplant patients’ needs and priorities with key decision-makers within UK and devolved Governments. We’ve been:

  • Safeguarding patients’ access to transplantation and post-transplant care
  • Working with Governments to prioritise extremely vulnerable patients for vaccination
  • Providing clinical, emotional and financial support to patients who are shielding
  • Ensuring access to education and work such as income protection