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Fancy celebrating your life by saving another’s? Setting up a fundraiser on Facebook is a super easy way to do something different in the name of ageing gracefully!

How to fundraise for your birthday

To set up a Facebook fundraiser for your birthday, you can follow this quick link which will help you with the basics. Or you can visit the Anthony Nolan Facebook page and click on ‘Fundraisers’ to get started.

You just need to decide your fundraising target and choose when your fundraiser will end. It’s great to set it up a few weeks before your birthday, so there’s lots of time for people to donate.

Make it your own

You can personalise how your Facebook fundraiser looks by changing the title and including your story about why you’ve chosen to fundraise for Anthony Nolan. Make sure you explain why you’re passionate about supporting Anthony Nolan – by sharing your story, friends and family are more likely to donate and help you save lives. 

Finally, make sure to tag us in all your birthday posts and contact us if you need any help. We can’t wait to see your amazing fundraiser, and happy birthday!