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Our vision

To save and improve the lives of everyone who needs a stem cell transplant.

This is our fundamental vision and, if you’ve known us a while, you’ll notice it hasn’t changed. That’s because our cause is as relevant now as it was 45 years ago when Shirley Nolan first started the charity to find a matching stem cell donor for her son, Anthony.

Our aims

  1. Together, we can provide outstanding services to patients and the clinical community
  2. Together, we can drive lifesaving research and turn it into action for patients
  3. Together, we can harness the collective power of our supporters to champion and enable our lifesaving work
  4. Together, we can be a stronger voice for patients to ensure they receive the best possible care
  5. Together, we can

Our 2019-2022 Organisational Strategy

Find out more about our ambitious strategy, ‘Together, we can save lives’.

Our funding

As a charity, we rely on generous funding to support our lifesaving work.

Our progress

Our Annual Reports chart our pioneering progress.

Our partners

Meet the partners that mean together, we can achieve far more for our patients.

Our trustees

Meet our team of experienced trustees who guide the direction of the charity.

Our strategic leadership team

Meet the team of Chief Officers who lead each department across the organisation. 


Our ambassadors and celebrity supporters

Meet our star-studded supporters who help us spread the word!

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Read our five key principles to champion diversity and inclusion across our work.


Got a burning question about lifesaving? We’ve got the answers.