Ambassadors and celebrity supporters

We’re so grateful to have the support of some fantastic high profile supporters at Anthony Nolan.

Their passionate dedication and involvement in our work can have a truly lifesaving effect – growing awareness of the stem cell register and giving more people with blood cancer a second chance of life. 

Without them, there is no cure.


Olivia Colman

Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman became Patron of Anthony Nolan in 2018, after losing a close friend to leukaemia. Olivia actively campaigns for Anthony Nolan through voiceovers, speeches, press and attendance at various events, such as the Daisy Ball and our Christmas Carols. We couldn’t be more thankful!

I got involved because they once helped a dear friend of mine. She told me about Anthony Nolan and I’ve been telling everyone about them ever since.


Kellie Shirley

Actress Kellie Shirley donated her twins’ cord blood after giving birth in King’s College Hospital in London, one of our four collection centres. She works tirelessly to support Anthony Nolan’s lifesaving work, from enthusiastically spreading the word on social media, to presenting and speaking at our events. Kellie even ran the London Marathon with #TeamAN in 2008! 

We decided to donate our twins’ cord blood to Anthony Nolan. It would have otherwise been chucked away! I recommend any mothers-to-be to look into doing the same. It’s a gorgeous thing to do for a stranger in need.

Joe Crowley

TV presenter Joe Crowley is sadly all too familiar with blood cancer, after losing his father to multiple myeloma. He now passionately supports Anthony Nolan as one of our fantastic London Marathon runners like Kellie, and has also presented the Daisy Ball with her – what a fantastic duo!

Blood cancer has touched my family so I fully appreciate the vital work Anthony Nolan does saving lives and - wonderfully - giving so many of us the chance to make the ultimate difference for someone in need.

Spotlight on...

Jennie McAlpine

Coronation Street actress, Jennie McAlpine, has donated both her children’s cord blood at Saint Mary’s Hospital, Manchester, in 2014 and 2018. She’s now a wonderful supporter of Anthony Nolan. In 2019, Jennie joined our fabulous cord collection team at Saint Mary’s to celebrate their five years of lifesaving!

Highlights of our high profile supporters

When asked, we were more than happy to donate the cords of both our babies who were born at Saint Mary’s. To think our babies at just a few moments old could potentially be lifesavers was wonderful!

Highlights of our high profile supporters

Highlights of our high profile supporters
Highlights of our high profile supporters

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