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Diana, who received a stem cell transplant, with and her son.

Anthony Nolan saves the lives of people with blood cancer and blood disorders

Founded in 1974 as the world’s first stem cell register, we’re motivated by a mother’s determination to save her son, Anthony.

Over 45 years later, three people a day are now given a second chance of life, thanks to generous funders and an ever-growing stem cell register. Our charity is a lifesaving legacy. 

By recruiting potential donors, funding ground-breaking research, and providing the best post-transplant care from our clinical nurses, we can cure people’s blood cancer together.

Our organisation

Read more about our organisational strategy, how we fund our work and the amazing partners that make it all possible.

Our stories

Meet some of the incredible people who inspire our lifesaving cause.

Our history

Our charity is founded on a lifesaving legacy – read the whole inspiring story here.

Our influence

See how we advocate for better care before, during and after a patient’s stem cell transplant

Our research

Find out how our innovative research aims to improve every single step of the transplant journey.

Pam Sami, our Clinical and Processing supervisor in Nottingham

Our impact

Discover the lifesaving work we've been doing in 2020/21 in our latest impact report.

Without you, there is no cure

We can give families hope, and give more people a future. But without you, lives can’t be saved.