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We have a wide range of free information and advice on receiving a stem cell transplant and life after transplant, suitable for patients, their families, partners and friends.

Anthony Nolan has achieved the PiF TICK, a quality mark operated by the Patient Information Forum, which certifies us as a provider of reliable and trustworthy health and social care information. All our booklets and web resources are co-produced with stem cell transplant patients and relatives with personal experience of each topic, and healthcare professionals.

  • You can read, download and print our booklets using the 'Download it now' links below - just install Adobe Acrobat to do this.
  • Further patient information is available on this website and via our helpline: 0303 303 0303.
  • We welcome orders from healthcare professionals, and we can send up to 50 copies per booklet.

Essential Facts for Transplant Patients

A short illustrated guide to what happens next if you or someone you know needs a stem cell transplant.

Download it now (PDF 551KB)

Life After Transplant: An Essential Guide to Graft Versus Host Disease (GvHD)

Get the facts about GvHD, how it’s treated and where to get support.

Download it now (PDF 486KB)

Managing fatigue after a stem cell transplant

Practical advice for dealing with fatigue - also available as an audiobook narrated by actor Andrew Hayden-Smith.

Download booklet (PDF 2,330KB) or audiobook

Sickle cell and stem cell transplant

Sickle Cell & Stem Cell Transplant Leaflet thumbnail

Thinking about having a stem cell transplant to treat your sickle cell disease? This leaflet lists risks and benefits, and answers common questions.

Download it now (PDF 393KB)

Helping your child through their stem cell transplant

Interactive booklets to help children understand the processes, words and feelings they may encounter.

Donating Stem Cells To Your Relative

What to expect if you're selected to be a family member's stem cell donor.

Download it now (PDF 1,888KB)

Preparing for Hospital Isolation

Information and advice to help you during your time in hospital isolation.

Download it now (PDF 1,109KB)

Essential Facts for Transplant Recovery

Answering questions and giving advice for your life after transplant.

Download it now (PDF 1,886KB)

Life After Transplant: An Essential Guide to Dealing With Infections

Find out about protecting yourself from infections in this guide.

Download it now (PDF 4,201KB)

Your Mental Health and Stem Cell Transplant

Advice on managing your emotional wellbeing before, during and after transplant.

Download it now (PDF 3,176KB)

Cognition: How Stem Cell Transplant Can Affect Your Memory & Concentration

Explains Cancer-related Cognitive Changes (CRCCs) and provides tips on how to manage them.

Download it now (PDF 916KB)

Life After Transplant: An Essential Guide to Diet and Physical Activity

Information about eating, drinking and keeping active after transplant.

Download it now (PDF 3,205KB)

The Seven Steps

A guide from Blood Cancer UK about receiving a stem cell transplant.
Download now or order a copy through the post here.

The Seven Steps: The Next Steps

Next 7 Steps booklet cover

A handbook for long-term recovery after a stem cell transplant.

Download it now (PDF 480KB)

Going Back to Work After Your Stem Cell Transplant (Employees Guide) 

How to manage and prepare for work before, during and after transplant.
Download it now (PDF 538KB)

Work and Stem Cell Transplant (Employers Guide)

How to support your employee before, during and after their stem cell transplant.

Download it now (PDF 548KB)

Bereavement and Stem Cell Transplant

Advice, information and support for anyone whose partner, relative or friend died after having a stem cell transplant.

Download it now (PDF 6,169KB)