Our research teams

Our researchers are all dedicated to saving and improving the lives of patients with blood cancers and blood disorders. Our research portfolio covers every aspect of the transplant journey – from finding the best possible match for everyone, to improving the long-term physical and mental well-being of our patients.

Dr. Neema Mayor, Head of Immunogenetics Research at Anthony Nolan

HLA Informatics

Understanding the genetic basis of our immune system and how our HLA genes determine transplant success underpins how Anthony Nolan saves the lives of people with blood cancer.

Anna Domogala - Immunotherapy


Our immune system protects us by detecting and removing cancer cells. By understanding this process, we can develop more effective treatments.

Kes Grant transplant patient

Clinical research

We are constantly improving the whole transplant journey to ensure every patient receives the best possible treatments. We also fund new clinical trials through the IMPACT partnership.

Clinical_Xing Zhang_Portrait_RB_July 9_173

Patient focused

Many patients will have a long and challenging recovery post-transplant, so we are making sure the services we provide are meeting their every need.

Douglas Mbang donating stem cells

Donor focused

Our donors’ wellbeing is a top priority as we look at ways to make the donation process more efficient and improve the donor experience overall.