Yvette, 41-years-old, has been diagnosed with acute lymphoblasic leukaemia (ALL).


Yvette’s family are calling for people from East Asian and Chinese backgrounds to #SwabForYvette, in the hope that a match can be found for Yvette and others just like her.


Yvette Chin is an explorer. The 41-year-old loves to travel and makes friends wherever she goes — whether it’s at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro or cycling around the Outer Hebrides. When she isn’t backpacking, Yvette works to refurbish and maintain iconic buildings in London, from Buckingham Palace to the Barbican.

Back in May 2021, Yvette and her family were shocked when she was suddenly diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, an aggressive form of blood cancer. Doctors have told Yvette that her last chance of survival is to receive a stem cell transplant from a stranger, otherwise she only has months left to live.


If you’re from a Chinese or East Asian background and are aged between 16 and 30, you can offer Yvette, and so many others just like her, a glimmer of hope by signing up below.

There are others in my situation right now, and there will be more in the future. People, who like me, want to see their nieces, nephews, sons and daughters grow up… The more people who sign up, the more likely there will be a bone marrow match for me and for countless of others.

Yvette Chin

Please donate today and help us make sure we can be there for people like Yvette.

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