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Understanding stem cell transplants

You’ve just found out that either you, or someone close to you, needs a stem cell transplant. It’s natural to feel worried, confused or daunted by what’s going to happen next. If you have lots of unanswered questions, we’re here to help.

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What's in this section?

Learning as much as you can about stem cell transplants can empower you and help build your confidence to tackle the situation head-on.

This section will help you to:

  • understand what stem cells are and why they are so important
  • find out about the different types of stem cell transplants you can have
  • get information on how we search our register for stem cell donors
  • learn about the possible alternatives if a donor can’t be found straight away
  • know about your other options in the rare circumstance that funding for a transplant isn’t available at first.

It’s almost impossible to try to understand everything all at once. Whether it's pre-transplant, during the transplant or six months post-transplant, we focus on just that time and then hopefully it’s not so daunting.

Rachel, Anthony Nolan Lead Nurse. Have a listen to our podcast on preparing for your transplant.

Information updated: 23/05/2024

Next review due: 23/05/2027