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Dr. Neema Mayor, Head of Immunogenetics Research at Anthony Nolan

Our ambition is to provide the ideal treatment for everyone who needs a stem cell transplant and make sure they’re free of all complications as they recover. 

At Anthony Nolan, our innovative research aims to improve every single step of the transplant journey. This is driven by the fact that currently, only half of all adult patients will survive beyond five years after their transplant, and for those that do, they often need to make dramatic changes to their lifestyle and adapt to a ‘new normal’ for many years into their recovery.  

Our research focuses on three key areas: 

  • Discovering the perfect match for every patient 
  • Developing new and improved treatments including new cell therapies 
  • Improving the quality of life of all our patients during their recovery 

This essential work would not be possible without your generous support and donations.  

'Every time I see that our studies are changing practices in the UK and internationally, and patients are benefiting as a result, I know I’m in the right job. I’ll never lose my passion for what we do here and the lives we transform.'

Dr Neema Mayor, Head of Immunogenetics Research at Anthony Nolan

Learn more about our lifesaving research: 


The science behind our work

Have you ever wondered how we match the genes of our donors and patients? Or want to know what a ‘cell therapy’ is? Find the answers and more here.

Laboratory Scientist –Lab – Marlowe - Marlowe Macadangdang – Scientist

Our research teams

From sequencing entire genes to improving post-transplant care - our experts use cutting edge technology to continually improve stem cell transplantation.


Our latest research

Read all about our recent publications and updates on transplant related research breakthroughs, announcements and events. 


The impact of our research

We have made many scientific discoveries and established key initiatives that have transformed how transplants are performed world-wide. 

Labs and Research

Our laboratories

Our three world-class laboratory sites provide the perfect environment for scientific discovery and the development of new treatments.

Labs and Research

Funding our research

Every breakthrough is the result of a lot of hard work and substantial investment. We know the importance of maximising the impact of every single pound.

For researchers

If you’re interested in collaborating with Anthony Nolan, or want the support of our Cell and Gene Services or commercial sequencing services, you can find out more in our Clinicians and Researchers section.