Matilda Tierney Research Assistant in the Immunogenetics Research team working with Dr Neema Mayor in the ANRI laboratory

Our research

At Anthony Nolan we have been saving and transforming lives for 50 years now. And we’ve made incredible progress over that time, introducing ground-breaking ways to treat blood cancer and blood disorders.

Research has been responsible for keeping us at the forefront of this cutting-edge science, and we know that research will be what keeps us pushing the boundaries and improving the future for the patients of today and the patients of tomorrow.

Our work focuses on three areas to have the most impact for our patients:

  • Survival - To transform outcomes for every transplant patient
  • Equity - To achieve greater equity of access, experience and outcomes
  • Progress - To contribute to the development of new cell and gene therapies

We can only continue this lifesaving work thanks to your continued support and collaboration.

Through uniting partners across the global transplant and research community to promote collaboration, and drive progress and innovation, we will bring new hope to more patients. We will reduce the amount of time it takes to get new treatments from bench to bedside. And we’ll move closer to the day where personalised treatments mean more people will survive and thrive.

Chief Medical & Scientific Officer, Dr Robert Danby

Learn more about our lifesaving research: 

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Our Research Strategy 2023-2028

We have produced an ambitious five-year research strategy to help us achieve our vision and deliver pioneering research that transforms patient survival, quality of life and equity.


Our latest research

Read all about our recent publications and updates on transplant related research breakthroughs, announcements and events. 

Laboratory Scientist –Lab – Marlowe - Marlowe Macadangdang – Scientist

Our research teams

From sequencing entire genes to improving post-transplant care - our experts use cutting edge technology to continually improve stem cell transplantation.

Labs and Research

Our laboratories

Our three world-class laboratory sites provide the perfect environment for scientific discovery and the development of new treatments.


The science behind our work

Have you ever wondered how we match the genes of our donors and patients? Or want to know what a ‘cell therapy’ is? Find the answers and more here.

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The impact of our research

We have made many scientific discoveries and established key initiatives that have transformed how transplants are performed world-wide. 

For researchers

If you’re interested in collaborating with Anthony Nolan, or want the support of our Cell and Gene Services or commercial sequencing services, you can find out more in our Clinicians and Researchers section.