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Support for parents, family and friends

Supporting someone through their stem cell transplant journey can be tough – physically, emotionally and mentally. Thankfully, you can access help from lots of places including social services, government benefits and charities, as well as your social network of friends and family.

Need to talk?

Call our helpline on 0303 303 0303 for stem cell transplant info & advice

We can also offer you free Telephone Emotional Support

Seeking support

Nobody expects you to do things on your own. Many people will be happy to offer you support but you also need to have the confidence to ask for it when you need it.    

If your sibling or another family member needs a transplant, you might be asked to be tested to see if you’re a match. Even if you’re happy to donate your stem cells, it’s still important to know what’s involved and think about the impact it could have on you and your family in the future.

This section looks at the following, and provides support and advice that will help both you and the person having a transplant.

We also have information and support for anyone who has lost a partner, family member or friend after a stem cell transplant in our Bereavement section.

If you have a query or question that isn’t covered here, the clinical nurse specialist (CNS) at your relative or friend’s hospital will be able to help. Alternatively, you could talk to our Patient Services team on 0303 303 0303 or

Raising awareness with Anthony Nolan

You might want to go one step further with your support for your family member or friend. Whether you want to recruit new potential stem cell donors in support of a specific person (we call this a patient appeal), raise lifesaving money to fund new donors, or raise awareness of the stem cell register with your friends and networks, we’re here to help every step of the way.