Young girl on a climbing wall at Family Camp

Family Camp

Family Camp is facilitated by Over The Wall and supported and part-funded by Anthony Nolan.

What’s on this page?

A safe, fun and relieving weekend for the whole family

Going through a stem cell transplant is tough for everyone involved. You might feel overwhelmed and like the illness is a part of your identity. For your child, a 'normal' life with friends, fun, and freedom can seem unreachable. And sometimes, you all just need a break.

Family Camp, a partnership between Over The Wall and Anthony Nolan, is here to do just that. You and your family can enjoy a two-night residential stay full of activities, fun, and making new friends with those who just get it.

The best part? It's all for free! And you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ll be joined by medical and nursing volunteers who are there to support you and your family, if needed. You won't have to worry about a thing.

Karine - Landscape 2
Karine at Family Camp, 2019

It was amazing and so wonderful to all do something together. We really let go and had a fantastic time. It felt great to be a child again – and I don’t just mean for Louisa – I mean for all of us.

Karine, mum of Louisa. You can read her blog on the difference Family Camp made.

When and where is the next Family Camp?

2025. Dates and location TBC.

Who can go?

Families who have a child aged 0–17 who has had a stem cell or bone marrow transplant may be eligible for a place at the Family Camp. All family members, including siblings, can take part in the activities! One child in the household must be aged 8–17 – see FAQs for more details.

Please note, a medical criteria must be met before an applicant can participate. All applications will be reviewed by the nursing team at Over The Wall. Please follow the link below and speak to Over The Wall for more information.


Will camp be safe?

Over The Wall has years of experience in providing camps for children with health challenges. Every effort is made within camp to uphold the highest infection control, food, safety and safeguarding standards. Please see the Over The Wall website for more details.

Family Camp 2020 - owned originally by Over the Wall, but we have permission from them when recruiting families for Family Camp
Family Camp, 2019

The confidence boost after camp was massive. He came away thinking, ‘I can do this, I’m not the little slow one anymore, I’m the same as everybody else.

Helen, mum of Drew. You can read her blog on how Family Camp went above and beyond her expectations. 

How do I apply?

You can register your family’s interest for Family Camp 2025 below via the Over The Wall website.

The application process is undertaken entirely by Over The Wall and all offers depend upon campers meeting the inclusion criteria as assessed and determined by Over The Wall.

About Over The Wall

Over The Wall is a charity supporting children and young people with serious health challenges by providing residential camps up and down the UK. Everything is free, from accommodation and food, to the activities and care provided. Over The Wall’s goal is to make sure everyone has fun, feels supported, and develops increased confidence and self-esteem.


What does the weekend look like?


Family Camp is packed full of activities for the whole family. From crafts and climbing, to zip wire and high ropes, the activities offered are designed to be challenging and fun. By the end of the weekend, your child should feel more independent and confident. And with some time to yourself, and a chance to meet others who understand, you should feel like you've had a proper break!

How many places are there per family?


Up to two adults and any number of siblings. There are just 60 places for this camp.

What is the accommodation like?


Each family will get their own room, in a clean dormitory-style lodge with bunk beds, with an en-suite bathroom.

Why does one child need to be over 8 years old?


Some of the main activities (like zip-wiring) are only suitable for children aged 8 or older. However, we wouldn’t want families with younger children to miss out, so we allow them to come to camp and will provide other age-related activities alongside.

My child is still having treatment, can we go?


Yes, as long as you can have some recent blood test results signed off by your transplant consultant, and they're happy for you to attend. You can read the full medical criteria on Over The Wall's website.

What support do we get?


Over The Wall will provide a minimum of one volunteer per family. They’ll be there to show you the ropes and support you all weekend (they stay in separate accommodation).

What costs are covered?


All costs are covered, including food, accommodation and activities. Travel to and from the camp will be reimbursed separately by Anthony Nolan.

How does the application process work?


Family Camp is run by Over The Wall and supported and part-funded by Anthony Nolan. The application process is undertaken entirely by Over The Wall and all offers depend upon campers meeting their inclusion criteria.

Please note that as outlined above Anthony Nolan accepts no responsibility for determining whether a participant is medically fit enough to attend the camp, nor does Anthony Nolan accept any responsibility for the appropriateness of the activities during the camp.