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If you’ve just donated blood stem cells or bone marrow – or you're about to – you probably have lots of questions.

What am I going to feel like afterwards? Will I be asked to donate again? How is the person who received my donation doing? We’ve got the answers.

We’ve put together some handy information to help answer your questions below:

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Post donation care advice

Find out how to take care of yourself after you've donated your stem cells

WEB_Joice donation from Twitter

Donating in the future

All of your questions answered about staying on our register and donating again

Rupert and Billy

How is the person I helped?

Get more information on how contacting your recipient might work

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Share your experience

If you are eager to spread the word, here is all the guidance you need!

Thank you

We’d also like to say a massive thank you for doing something so incredible. You’ve made a huge difference to the life of your recipient.

If you have any questions we’ve not answered here, please just call the Donor Follow-Up team on 0207 424 6568, or email