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Douglas Mbang donating stem cells
Douglas Mbang, Stem cell donor

Sharing your experience

You’re something amazing by donating your stem cells, so don’t keep it to yourself. Too many people aren’t aware of stem cell donation. Or, worse, they’re too afraid to sign up because they just don’t know what it involves.

By sharing your story online, you can bust myths, spread the word, and help us recruit more potential lifesavers. We’ve got some guidance, some inspiration, and some myths that need busting to help get you started:

The vital rules to stick to

A transplant is a really challenging time for a patient – which is why it’s so important that we protect their anonymity (and yours, as well). So, when you’re sharing your story online, please DON’T:

  • Include the time, date or location of your donation
  • Give away any information about your recipient, like their age, gender, or location
  • Post any photos with the information label on your stem cell bag visible
  • Share any anonymous correspondence you send or receive

It’s extremely important that you don’t try to identify or contact your recipient directly on social media, since this could compromise their privacy and anonymity.

If you have any questions about what you can and can’t share online, contact the Donor Follow Up Team at or call us at 020 7424 6568.

Ways to get the word out

By posting a picture on Facebook, sending out a Tweet journey, messaging your pals on WhatsApp or creating some short videos, you’re helping to save more lives by showing your friends the facts about donating.

If you’re posting on social media, be sure to mention us! We're on Twitter (@anthonynolan), Facebook ( and Instagram (@anthonynolancharity)

Holly donating her stem cells

Donor Story

Holly's Story

Over 20,000 people apply to join the register through social media every year, thanks to people like Holly sharing their stories

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