Payroll giving

Without your support, there is no cure

Patient Johnny and wife - Landscape

For Johnny, and many others like him, a stem cell transplant was the only way to cure his blood cancer. 

Anthony Nolan is the charity that makes lifesaving connections between people with blood cancer and incredible strangers ready to donate their stem cells. 

But right now, we can't find the best matching donor for every person who needs one.

It takes just £40 to add another potential lifesaver to our stem cell register. This means that you can help grow the number of donors who are ready and waiting to save lives. Without you, there is no cure. 

Sign up to Payroll Giving today

It's simple, tax-efficient and you could save the lives of blood cancer patients in desperate need. 

Tax-efficient giving

Payroll Giving offers you the chance to make your support for Anthony Nolan go even further. It's straighforward and tax free. For example, a monthly donation of £10 only makes an £8 difference to your wage packet each payday. (The taxman pays the rest!)

Plus, your employer collects your donation from your pay each month and sends it on to us. 

You will need your staff number and national insurance number to enable us to set up your gift. You should be able to find these on your wageslip.

You can also get more information about payroll giving from our FAQs.

Spread the word

If you’d like to promote payroll giving at your workplace, please get in touch with our supporter services team on or call 020 7424 6626 or download our resources: