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How can I donate my umbilical cord?

We can currently collect cord blood from five hospitals in the UK:

If you’re giving birth in one of our five cord collection hospitals, you can register to donate your baby’s cord blood.

How does donating cord blood work?

It’s a simple, safe, and swift procedure. Once your baby has been safely born, vaginally or by caesarean, the umbilical cord will be clamped as normal. Once the placenta has been delivered, one of our cord collectors will take your cord and placenta to a separate room to extract the blood.

We’ll then transport the cord blood to our Cell Therapy Centre in Nottingham, make sure it’s suitable for transplant, and freeze it in our cord bank until it’s needed.

That’s it! One day, your baby’s cord blood could save someone’s life. Not bad for something that’s often thrown away, right?

You can find out more about the cord donation process in this leaflet, or watch our handy animation below:

Am I eligible?

To make sure we collect the healthiest cord blood possible, we have strict criteria for donors.