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Oh, hi! It’s great to see you here. You must have had a Hero Project talk at your school? Well, you’ve now come to the right place.

There are so many ways to start your heroic lifesaving journey. Where will you start? 



Sure, writing essays, revising, and all that other school stuff is important… but y’know what’s more productive? Saving lives! Don’t worry, we won’t tell your teachers…

If you’re aged 16-30 and in good health, you could be a hero and save the life of someone with blood cancer by joining the Anthony Nolan stem cell register.

For someone with blood cancer, an amazing stranger donating their stem cells could be their best chance of survival.

But first they need a match. And that match could be you


  • You can join online! You'll get a pack in the post for you to do a cheek swab and send back. We'll test your sample and add your information to the stem cell register.
  • You'll stay on the register until you're the grand age of 61. If you ever come up as a match for someone with blood cancer, we'll be in touch.
  • We'll organise the whole thing. We support you at every stage of your donation and arrange everything, from travel to accommodation. We've got it all covered.

There are two ways you might be asked to donate:

  • 90% of people donate via their bloodstream in a straightforward process, called peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) collection.

Joe, who donated via PBSC, said 'I was hooked onto the machine for around 4/5 hours so it's pretty boring! Afterwards I felt pretty tired as you would expect, but felt really good that I had done something good for someone.'

  • 10% have their stem cells collected via their bone marrow while under general anaesthetic.

After Donna's donation, she said 'Bone marrow donating done! I can honestly say it has been an amazing and surprisingly pain-free experience (I am a wimp!). Knowing I've given someone a second chance at life is such a fantastic feeling.'

Anthony Nolan is the charity that makes lifesaving connections between people with blood cancer and incredible strangers willing to donate their stem cells, but you can go one step further and become and blood and organ donor donor too!



Go the extra mile and volunteer as a Youth Ambassador to help spread the word at your school or college.

Our Youth Ambassadors are an amazing network of young people, using their spare time to support our lifesaving work in schools and colleges across the country. This is a great opportunity to gain a variety of different skills, which will also look super on your CV and/or university application! 

As an ambassador, there are three key ways you can help save lives: 

  • Tell everyone you know at school all about Anthony Nolan and the work we do
  • Encourage more of your peers (or anyone aged 16-30) to join the Anthony Nolan stem cell register
  • Kickstart exciting fundraising ideas to help support our work. Every pound you raise will help us save more lives.

We’ll be there to support you every step of the way. Get in touch now to find out more: 


Headed to uni? Our student groups, Marrow, would love to have you on board.

Marrow is our fantastic network of student groups in the UK who work in their universities and beyond to do one thing – save the lives of people with blood cancer.

Marrow has three important aims:

  • To raise awareness of Anthony Nolan and blood cancer within universities around the UK.
  • To give every student the opportunity to join our stem cell register.
  • To raise funds to help support Anthony Nolan’s vital work. 

You can find our more about their exciting campaigns, and check if there’s a group at the universities you’re looking at:


Every donor recruited costs the charity another £40. By fundraising for Anthony Nolan, you can do something that will save the lives of people with blood cancer right now. That’s incredible, right?

From bake sales to non-uniform days, you can have fun while you fundraise! We can help you make your fundraising efforts fly with all the ideas and advice you need: