The Hero Project: Self-delivery resources

These resources are designed to help you give students an overview of stem cell, blood and organ donation and to show them that they have the potential to save a life. 

You can download the resources you need from under the headings below. If you have any questions, or require additional resources, please contact 



You can play these YouTube videos online. If you want to download a video and save it, click on ‘direct download’. You’ll see an arrow in the top right corner – click it to download the video. The file is quite big, so it doesn’t play well online – but it will be fine once you’ve downloaded it.

Frequently asked questions

You can find answers to lots of common questions on our Facts and Stats page.


You can request lots of engaging materials to remind students of how they can help save lives. These include:

  • Flyers (hard copy): showing students the different ways they can help Anthony Nolan to save lives
  • Poster (self-print): inspiring students and explain what they need to do to join the stem cell register
  • Your school’s own unique weblink and QR code to be used by anyone who wants to join the stem cell register online
  • Press release template: to help you celebrate your school’s contribution to our lifesaving work!

Letters to parents

If you need to write to parents to let them know you are delivering this session, or holding a follow up donor recruitment event for Anthony Nolan, we can provide you with a template letter.

Student volunteering opportunities

If your students are keen to support Anthony Nolan in other ways, then we would love to have them on board. They can become ambassadors helping to save lives and learn skills at the same time. We currently have two levels of ambassador activity:

  • Recruitment Champion: This is a short-term volunteering opportunity for students to raise awareness among their peers about stem cell donation. We provide T-shirts, self-print posters (with the school’s unique weblink and QR code), shareable video content and a guide to using social media to raise awareness. If your students would like to get involved, please contact

For more information on all of Anthony Nolan’s youth volunteering opportunities, click here.