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Anthony Nolan Grants


What is an Anthony Nolan Grant?

Anthony Nolan Grants support patients before, during and after a stem cell transplant.

We welcome Grant applications from people who have had, or are due to have, any type of stem cell transplant (autologous, cord or related and unrelated allogeneic transplant). You can apply for something that you need, or for something that you have bought or paid for in the last three months.

Anthony Nolan Grants are typically under £150*. They are awarded on a one-off basis to help meet a wide range of practical needs:

• Some of the costs of travel fares to and from hospital, as well as parking costs.

• New clothes, which may be necessary because of changes to body shape or size due to medications or treatment.

• Access to the internet during your time in isolation.

• Help with buying a washing machine (if you don’t already own one) or other household items to help reduce the risk of infection after transplant.

*Grants of up to £250 are available if your stem cell transplant took place after 15th Feb 2020 or if your expense has a direct link to coronavirus e.g. extra food, technology or cleaning costs while you are 'shielding' in isolation, or extra travel costs during the coronavirus pandemic. Our COVID Emergency Patient Fund is supported by RSM UK.

If your Grant is approved, you can expect payment within approximately 4 weeks. Anthony Nolan Grants do not affect any Government benefits you may be entitled to.

The grant helped us survive another month. Thank you for your help at such a tough time.

Stem cell transplant recipient

Am I eligible for a Grant?

If you would like to apply for an Anthony Nolan Grant, please first read the Eligibility Criteria below.

Eligibility Criteria

You may be considered for an Anthony Nolan Grant if you meet the following eligibility criteria:

• You’ve had a stem cell transplant OR you have a blood cancer or blood disorder and you’re expecting to have a stem cell transplant in the next six months.

• You are a UK resident.

• You have no more than £6,000 in savings (if a single person) or £8,000 in savings (if a couple or family).

• Your application for the Grant demonstrates a clear link to the impact of the blood cancer or disorder and the stem cell transplant.

• Your application for the Grant outlines how you intend to spend it.

Making a successful Grant application

Your application should explain the specific needs that have arisen from, or are related to, your stem cell transplant.

It should also explain how the financial help requested will help to address your identified needs.

It can be useful to include the following information:

• Specific information about how the amount of financial support requested has been estimated, e.g. ‘Parking for ten trips to the hospital at £8 per visit’.

• Information about other financial support that you are receiving, e.g. ‘We have received £30 from the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme’. We will consider an application whether or not there are other forms of support.

In determining a potential grant, our panel will consider:

• The extent to which there is a compelling case about the need for financial support at this time.

• A clear connection between the impact of needing or having a stem cell transplant and the items or services requested.

• Whether the information in the Medical Report supports the items or services requested.

• Whether you have received grants from other charities or organisations, such as Macmillan. Patients who have received other grants may still be eligible for an Anthony Nolan Grant.

• Whether the estimated cost of an item or service is reasonable. If the cost seems higher, an explanation for this would be expected.

• Whether there are statutory resources, or any other alternative forms of support available.

• Whether comfort and quality of life is compromised.

How do I apply?

If you are eligible for an Anthony Nolan Grant, here's how to apply:

  • We recommend you save it to your computer as you fill it in, so you don't lose any changes.
  • Medical Report (Page 4) - Please ask a doctor, nurse or allied healthcare professional involved in your transplant care (e.g. dietician, physiotherapist) to complete the Medical Report on Page 4 if possible. We realise they may be unavailable at this time so you can submit your Application Form without completing the Medical Report as long as you complete the Health Professional's Details section at the bottom of that page and tell the healthcare professional that you have done this. This will enable us to contact them to verify your application.
  • When you've finished, email your Application Form to

We'll then be in touch with you and your healthcare professional if we have any questions about your Anthony Nolan Grant application, and to let you know the outcome.

Are other grants available?

  • Grants from other charities or organisations are also available - contact your local Citizen's Advice for details.
  • Macmillan Cancer Support offers grants for people undergoing treatment for cancer, including blood cancer.
  • Financial support charity Turn2us lists grants that you may be eligible for. It also has a useful Benefits Calculator.

Where do I find out more?

If you have any questions or need any further information, please email us: or call our helpline on 0303 303 0303.

Information published: 29/10/20
Next review due: 21/04/21

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