Healthcare professionals and patients in a clinical setting

Resources for the donor journey

Here you will find lots of helpful resources to help you prepare for medical appointments, for reference only.


At medical

You will need to complete a detailed health questionnaire at medical. You will be asked to take a look beforehand in case there is information you need to find out and to give you time to think about the answers in advance. It is not essential if you don't see it until medical and you do not need to take a copy with you to your medical, it will be provided on the day by the hospital's medical team. 

Consent Forms

Here are copies of the consent forms that you will be provided with at your appointments. Your coordinator will inform you which consent form is relevant to you. You do not need to take a copy of these with you to your appointments, copies will be provided on the day by the hospital's medical team. These are for reference only.

Donating for a Patient:

Donating for Research:

Policies & Claims Forms

Below you will find our policies on reimbursement, GCSF emergency information, our insurance that you are covered on and expense claim forms. If you have any further questions about these policies, then please contact your coordinator directly.