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Douglas Mbang donating stem cells

The PBSC Journey

See what donating via PBSC (Peripheral Blood Stem Cell) collection involves. This is our most common way of donating.

Ali, stem cell donor

The Bone Marrow Journey

See what donating via Bone Marrow collection involves. This way of donating is less common but still happens regularly.

Donor Kirsty - PBSC

The Lymphocyte Journey

If you are donating for a second time or for research purposes, you are most like doing this via a Lymphocyte donation.

Patient Services booklets

Resources for all donations

Here you will find useful documents and policies relating to your donation. This includes copies of medical consent forms for reference and expenses forms.

Anthony Nolan Lead Nurse, Rachel Miller, in Heathgate offices

Collection Centres

Here you will find some further information on the different places that you can donate you stem cells.

Kenneth, stem cell donor

Things to consider

Here you’ll find lots of things to consider about how your donation could affect you physically and emotionally.