Picture of five-year-old Eesa Hussain on the beach. Eesa is holding a red bucket and green spade as he stands on the shore.


Family from Blackburn issue urgent plea for people from South Asian backgrounds to join the Anthony Nolan stem cell register, after being told 5 year old Eesa is in urgent need of a transplant.

You or someone you know could help give those like Eesa a second chance at life.

Eesa was in his first term of school when his parents noticed him becoming tired and pale. Just months later his parents were told that Eesa had aplastic anaemia, an acute blood disorder which is diagnosed in just 100-150 people a year in the UK. Eesa is under the care of Manchester Children’s Hospital and he needs a stem cell transplant – a treatment which will replace his blood stem cells with new, healthy stem cells from a suitable donor.

A matching donor is more likely to be somebody from the same background and ethnicity which is why Eesa’s dad Mosan is sharing his family’s story to raise awareness of the need for more stem cell donors, particularly from the South Asian and Pakistani communities. Additionally, Anthony Nolan needs young men aged 16–30 to sign up because the group provide more than 50% of all stem cell donations but make up 16% of the register.

Mosan wears a plaster over a fake Hickman line to help Eesa feel more comfortable about the line in his chest doctors installed to help administer medicine and take blood.

Make a donation

A gift of £5 a month helps build a stem cell register that gives everyone the best chance of survival.

A gift of £10 a month helps lifesaving transplants to happen – giving as many people like Eesa as possible a second chance of life.

A gift of £15 a month could help pay for our umbilical cord collection programme – making little lifesavers of babies only minutes old!

£15 goes a long way to helping our scientists conduct ground-breaking research that will save lives over the next 50 years.

£40 could sign up a new lifesaving stem cell donor who could go on to save a life like Eesa's.

£90 could pay for three hours of invaluable support from a post-transplant nurse for patients and families.


Between 16 and 30? Help save the life of someone like Eesa by joining the register today.