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Clinical research

Clinical research gives us a better understanding of current treatments and services. This can be anything from analysing the effectiveness of a physiotherapy regime to deciding the most effective ways of offering emotional support.

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Douglas Mbang donating stem cells

Donor focussed research

We know that donating stem cells for many donors is a positive and rewarding experience and we want to continually improve their experience pre, during and post donation, as well as address any concerns they might have.

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Clinical_Xing Zhang_Portrait_RB_July 9_173

Patient focussed research

Our patient focused research aims to give us a better understanding of the unique challenges patients face so that we can find suitable solutions.

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Fatima Moghnieh, Anthony Nolan Junior Laboratory Scientist (online consent - agreed to ALL)

Research partners

We work alongside a wide variety of organisations with the overall aim of sharing knowledge and expertise for the benefit of everyone in need of, or recovering from, a stem cell transplant.

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