Michael Bibi’s homecoming gig to recruit young lifesavers

Michael Bibi invites Anthony Nolan to recruit lifesavers at his sold-out event One Life London
July 9, 2024

Award-winning tech house DJ and founder of record label Solid Grooves, Michael Bibi, has invited stem cell transplant charity Anthony Nolan to his sold-out event Michael Bibi Presents, One Life London.

On Saturday 6th July 45,000 electronic music fans will descend on Finsbury Park for Bibi’s anticipated return to the capital. Anthony Nolan staff and volunteers will be on site to encourage partygoers to join the stem cell register, to help people with blood cancer and blood disorders.

This gig is particularly poignant for Bibi and his fans because the DJ had to cancel concerts last year when he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

According to Anthony Nolan, the world’s first stem cell register established in 1974, around 41,000 people are diagnosed with blood cancer every year in the UK.

After having a stem cell transplant as part of his treatment, Bibi is raising awareness of Anthony Nolan, the charity which matches donors with patients in need of transplants. He is also selling One Life merchandise to raise money for the Royal Marsden hospital in London, where he received treatment.

One Life DJ Michael Bibi said: ‘Last summer I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and given just a 30% chance of survival. Advancements in medical treatments like stem cell transplants gave me a second chance at life and are crucial in battling these conditions. Together, our community can make a difference. That's why Anthony Nolan staff and volunteers will be at my homecoming show, ready to sign people up to the stem cell register.

‘Anthony Nolan is a charity dedicated to ensuring that everyone who needs a lifesaving stem cell transplant finds a match. So, if you’re coming down to celebrate life in Finsbury Park make sure you visit the Anthony Nolan stand. By becoming part of the stem cell community, you could give the gift of life. Or if you can’t make it, visit anthonynolan.org/bibi to learn how you can help from anywhere.

‘London is my home, and this event is going to be a special one. One life, Live it.’

Anthony Nolan staff and volunteers will be asking 16–30-year-olds at One Life, to join the register because research shows that younger donors mean more successful outcomes for patients.

In the last 50 years Anthony Nolan has helped to bring about over 26,500 stem cell transplants worldwide.

Charlotte Cunliffe, Director of Register Development at Anthony Nolan says: ‘When people in the public eye, like Michael Bibi, share their experiences, it inspires others to help, that’s why we’re thrilled that he is encouraging his fans to learn more about stem cell donation at One Life.

‘At Anthony Nolan we know that one individual can transform the lives of patients with blood cancer and blood disorders. Bibi fans – your stem cells could hold the key to someone's survival and that starts with a simple swab.

‘We need people aged 16-30, particularly young men and those from minority ethnic backgrounds, to join the Anthony Nolan register. By doing so, you could be the lifeline someone desperately needs, offering them a second chance at life.’

For more information visit anthonynolan.org/bibi