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You could be the answer someone’s looking for 

Someone with blood cancer or a blood disorder.
Someone in urgent need of a stem cell transplant. 

Your stem cells – and yours alone – could be the ones that save their life.

How? It starts with a swab.

We're giving families a future by:

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50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Anthony Nolan is celebrating 50 years since a mother’s love for her son inspired the world’s first stem cell register. From one little boy to four lives a day, and thousands more in the future.

One mother’s amazing legacy

The world’s first stem cell register, and with it our charity, was set up by Shirley Nolan in her determination to save her son’s life by finding him a donor. 

Sadly at that time it wasn’t possible. But today – 50 years later - it is. And that’s because of Shirley and Anthony Nolan. Because of our world-leading register. Because of our expertise in stem cell transplants, and our advances in cell and gene therapy research. And because of you and people like you.  

Thanks to you, every day we give four people another chance to live. And with your continued support, we’ll do the same tomorrow, and the next day, and until every patient that needs us can not only survive, but thrive.

Anthony and his mother, Shirley Nolan

Unlocking the answers inside us  

  • Recruiting donors  
  • Advancing cell therapies 
  • Making lifesaving matches 

For the patients of today and the patients of tomorrow

Did you know?

Every year, over 2,300 patients start their search for a matching stem cell donor. We believe that every one of them should be able to find their perfect match. Your support can help that become reality.