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Anthony Nolan is delighted to have been nominated as TRAD UK’s charity partner for the second year in a row for 2023. TRAD UK approached the corporate team at Anthony Nolan after their dear colleague John Paterson sadly passed away. John’s legacy was at the heart of their fundraising, making this partnership an incredibly personal one. Last year, TRAD UK set their aim of raising a minimum of £22,000 – ‘22k for 2022’ – for Anthony Nolan. They smashed this target, raising a whopping £35,000 which will help us to recruit 875 donors to the register.

This partnership has enabled us to spread our voice and message across their staff base and increase the number of people who can benefit from a second chance of life. We acknowledged their amazing support at our 2023 Anthony Nolan Supporter Awards, where they won Organisational Fundraiser of the Year.

Thank you, TRAD UK!