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Anthony Nolan responds to the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report


The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities has, today,  published the findings from its review into racial and ethnic disparities in the UK.

In response, Henny Braund, CEO at Anthony Nolan commented:

“We welcome the Commission’s recommendation for a new Office for Health Disparities, and ask that any new office works closely with community groups and those with first-hand knowledge of the complex issues relating to race and health so that all factors, including racism, are taken into account. While more data and evidence on the causes and solutions for health disparities is needed, this should not delay immediate action based on what we already know. 

“There are long-standing disparities in access to lifesaving stem cell transplants, with people from a minority ethnic background still much less likely to find a match from an unrelated donor. Anthony Nolan has been working with the APPG on Stem Cell Transplantation, patients and clinicians to better understand barriers across the whole treatment pathway and identify solutions. The final report of this Inquiry will be published in the coming weeks. 

“The government must increase investment to grow the UK stem cell donor register and the community of global stem cell registers, which provide a second chance of life to patients with blood cancer, and blood disorders. Investment will help to close the gap in access to this urgent treatment between people from minority ethnic backgrounds and those of White ethnicity. More investment is also needed in programmes which increase the participation of stem cell transplant patients in clinical trials, and for NHS services to better reflect the different cultural, social and biological needs of people receiving care.”

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