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Belfast Marrow runner - check with supporter led fundraising team for consent

Run for Charity

Are you looking to raise money by running for charity? We’ve put together a list of running challenges to inspire and motivate you! There’s a challenge you can take part in no matter your fitness level. From 5k runs, 10k runs, half marathons and marathons, to running challenges like tough mudder or ultramarathons, there’s a running event for everyone to take part in.

How to run for charity

It’s simple: find a running event through our event finder or view our featured running events below and sign up by clicking on ‘I want to run with #TeamAN’. Fill in the form and we’ll send an email with everything you need to know.

Why run for charity?

Every £40 you raise can add another potential donor to the register, giving patients the best possible chance of finding a matching donor.

Training improves fitness and health but you’ll also be raising money to help save and improve others lives. Knowing that you are raising money for others can help motivate you through challenging training. Picking a charity that helps a condition with a personal connection helps to give you the purpose to persevere.

How Anthony Nolan will support you

As part of signing up with Anthony Nolan, you’ll be part of a larger charity team and you’ll see other runners with the #TeamAN vest running on the day! We’ll also provide you with:

  • An Anthony Nolan running vest
  • Great support from our fundraising team
  • Training and event information to help you prepare for race day
  • Tips and tools to help your fundraising