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Patient Services

At Anthony Nolan, we have years of expertise working alongside transplant centres to aid autologous, haploidentical, sibling and unrelated stem cell transplants.

What’s on this page?

If you’re a healthcare professional working with stem transplant patients, then read on to find out about the different services and support we can offer to:

  • patients, to help them navigate their road to better health.
  • senior nurses, so they are up-to-speed on the latest COVID-19 vaccine recommendations and other clinical guidelines.
  • anyone working within stem cell transplantation who wishes to attain their professional goals, and further hone and develop their skillset.

Financial help

We allocate grants of up to £250 to help cover the extra costs, including travel, clothes, and living expenses.

Cost of living crisis

Anthony Nolan is keen to better understand how stem transplant and CAR T-Cell patients and their families are being affected by the cost of living crisis, and what support is needed.

If you are supporting patients impacted by the cost of living crisis, please consider completing our quick survey to share your insight with our team campaigning on their behalf.


We provide high quality health information in a variety of formats to suit your patients’ learning styles: 

  1. Booklets 
  2. Online 
  3. App 
  4. Videos 
  5. Podcasts 

Our resources can help guide your conversations with patients. All are accredited by the PiF Tick quality mark, and have been highly commended by the British Medical Association (BMA) Patient Information Awards.

Emotional & back to work support 

We offer free emotional and back to work support run in partnership with Working to Wellbeing, a team of wellbeing specialists with years of experience working with stem cell transplant patients. 

Telephone Emotional Support 

Through a series of appointments, patients and nurses can talk remotely about whatever’s on their mind. That could be concerns about the future, treatment pathways or anything else that may be troubling them. 

This is also available for nurses working in stem cell transplant to talk about some of the challenges in practice. 

Back to work support 

Patients can discuss back to work or college barriers and find practical ways to address them through a series of telephone appointments. 

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