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Cord Blood Unit RBC Dose Calculator

This RBC dose calculator’s aim is to make it easier to establish the RBC ml/kgpbw in a particular CBU for a single UCBT, but also shows the combined RBC ml/kgpbw of different combinations of CBUs which may be used for a double UCBT.

Instructions for Use:

Whilst the majority of CBUs are RBC reduced (RBC replete units are not recommended for UCBT due to potential toxicity), the RBC dose could still be excessive. By entering the patient weight, final frozen volume of each CBU and either the HCT% or RBC volume (using the drop-down list) the tool will calculate ml/kgpbw of RBC and turn either green, amber or red. Green indicates a low RBC content. Amber indicates that the RBC content should be reviewed against your local criteria. Red indicates that there may be an increased risk of toxicity. The thresholds used for this tool is an informal threshold of 0.25ml/kgpbw used internally by Anthony Nolan and NHSBT to indicate low RBC dose (green) and 1.0ml/kgpbw to indicate a high and potentially toxic RBC dose (red) with values between 0.25 and 1.0 to be considered with care (amber). For paediatric patients it may be difficult to get RBC below this threshold due to their low weight. In cases where RBC content is high it may be helpful to wash the CBU as this can reduce RBC content by up to 50% (subject of local protocol).

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