Maya Rowley Immunogenetics Research student placing samples into the centrifuge

Cord Support Programme

The Anthony Nolan and NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) Cord Support Programme is a comprehensive suite of free services, designed to make selecting, requesting and handling CBUs as simple as possible.

What we offer

Information in the form of:

  • CBU Reports, including the relevant operational details of specific Cord Blood Banks (CBB)
  • Cord-focussed conferences and workshops
  • Email updates and alerts, flagging new papers
  • CBU provision statistics and data

Advice via:

  • A dedicated CBU Shortlisting service
  • A CBU Report Quality Checklist service
  • An ad-hoc advisory service on CBU Selection and Provision
  • Access to our 24/7 urgent CBU quality inquiries phone line
  • Advice on CBU data via the Post-Thaw Clinic


Our training sessions can be delivered on-site at your centre and will be tailored to best suit both your transplant centre and team’s needs. Topics can include:

  • CBU selection and quality evaluation, covering the basics of CBU banking; how CBUs are shortlisted based on current evidence and UK national recommendations; and understanding CBU reports/assessing what makes a good CBU.
  • CBU shipment, logistics and test requirements, looking at which test results you can expect; when and how different CBB bank practices come into play; and common issues with shipment.
  • Handling and troubleshooting, providing hands-on training to troubleshoot common CBU thawing problems and infusion issues.

Contact us

If you have any questions, or if you would like to book or customise any of our services, please contact

Experts in the field

Your enquiries to the Cord Support Programme will be addressed by the following experts:

  • HLA expertise

Dr Colin Brown – Consultant Clinical Scientist (NHSBT, Colindale)
Dr Sharon Vivers – H&I Clinical Consultant Lead/Principal Clinical Scientist (Anthony Nolan, London)

  • Cord Blood Bank expertise

Dr Roger Horton – Head of Clinical Innovation & Partnerships (Anthony Nolan, Nottingham)
Dr Alexandra Ross –  Head of Cord Bank (NHSBT, Bristol)
Mr Christopher Leonforte – Head of CGT Manufacturing (Anthony Nolan, Nottingham)
Ms. Kennedy Davies – BMS Issue Manager (NHSBT, Bristol)

  • Operational expertise

Dr Irina Evseeva – Head of Specialist Services (Anthony Nolan, London)
Miss Phoebe Groves – Service Development Supervisor (Anthony Nolan, London)
Miss Sophie Macleod – Service Development Senior Coordinator (Anthony Nolan, London)
Dr Claire Simpson – Compliance & Release Manager (Anthony Nolan, Nottingham)