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Wanted: Your swab pack

Once you apply to join the Anthony Nolan stem cell register online, we'll check your application and if it's all OK, we'll send you a swab pack in the post. We don't always get these swabs sent back to us so wanted to remind you.

We can’t add you to the register until we’ve got your swabs back in our labs, so why not take a moment right now to do your cheek swabs and a quick stroll to the postbox?

You could be a potentially lifesaving match for someone like Peter, who’s been diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer and is waiting to find a matching donor right now.

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My treatment hasn’t worked as well as the doctors hoped, so I need a stem cell transplant from a donor who’s a good genetic match. Without that, I’ve been told that if I live for another seven years, I’ll have done well.

The problem is, there isn’t a matching donor on the register – yet.

To sign up to the register, fill in the form and swab your cheek. Then, one day, you might be a match for someone like me.

Peter, pictured with his wife and children, who's waiting for a stem cell transplant

Not too sure?

If you would like some more information, or if you no longer want to join the Anthony Nolan stem cell register, that’s absolutely fine. Please email register.support@anthonynolan.org with your full name, date of birth, contact details and any questions you may have to let us know.

No pack?

It’s important to use the pack you receive, but if you never received one or if you’ve lost yours (it happens to the best of us), email register.support@anthonynolan.org with your full name, date of birth and postal address or call 0207 424 6567 so we can send you a new one.

If you’ve already sent your swab pack back, then please let us know (including when you put it in the post) so we can make sure we’ve received it by emailing register.support@anthonynolan.org.

Looking forward to receiving your swabs soon!