Unlock your lifesaving potential

I couldn't cure my son, but the kindness of strangers could.

Holly, whose son Rupert's life was saved by a stem cell transplant.

Aged 31+? Your support can save lives

If you’re aged 31+, you can give patients the best possible chance of life by donating money to help to add the best possible donors to our stem cell register. We recruit people aged 16–30 to our stem cell register. Here’s why:

  • It’s driven by science. Our research shows that donors aged 16–30 provide better outcomes for patients, so we focus our time, energy and money on recruiting these potential donors.
  • It could save more lives. As we know doctors are more likely to choose younger donors, we need to use our limited resources wisely to fill our register with as many people aged 16–30 as possible, ready and waiting to save a life.

We want to give patients the very best chance of life. And that’s why we need your vital support. You could fund someone's lifesaver today. Without you, there is no cure.

Fund a lifesaver

Wilkestock Festival 2019 - Donor Recruitment

£3 could pay for the swab packs to collect the DNA of three potential lifesavers like you every month.

Veer Gupka and his family - restricted use - must go through Hayley to ask for family's consent

£5 a month could help give vital support to a patient and their family, helping them through their transplant journey.


£10 a month could help make more transplants happen, giving more people a second chance of life.


£10 could pay for the swab packs to collect the DNA of ten potential lifesavers.

Saira Hassan, Anthony Nolan Laboratory Scientist (online consent in stories inbox)

£20 could help fund the ground-breaking research that makes transplants successful and finds the best matches possible.

Patient and donor at Anthony Nolan Supporter Awards

£40 could help recruit a new potential lifesaver to our stem cell register – giving patients the best chance possible of finding the matching donor they urgently need.

How your donation will help

Without people like you supporting Anthony Nolan’s work, our life would be very different.

Holly, Rupert's mum

When someone like Rupert needs a stem cell transplant, this really is their last chance of survival. All other treatment options have been exhausted - Anthony Nolan is their only hope.

But hope is exactly what you could give them. For every £40 raised, we can recruit and add another potential donor to our stem cell register, giving patients more chance of finding the best possible match.

Without you, there is no cure.

Billy meeting Rupert for the first time

Thanks to Billy, the selfless 27-year-old man from the UK that Anthony Nolan found, they gave my son his life back. That's why I want to raise funds and awareness for the amazing work that they do. To give everyone that needs one a match to save their life. We were the lucky ones.

Holly, Rupert's mum

Other UK registries

Different UK registries have different joining criteria, but you only need to join one register - the Anthony Nolan and NHS Stem Cell Registry will search all registers when we're looking for a match, no matter where you sign up.

  • NHS Blood and Transplant

If you're already a blood donor, or willing and eligible to give blood, you may be able to join the British Bone Marrow Registry, run by NHS Blood and Transplant, by giving an extra sample at your next appointment. NHSBT accepts men aged 17-40, as well as women aged 17-40 from mixed or minority ethnic backgrounds.


DKMS UK registers people aged 17-55. You can sign up online, or at a recruitment event.