Training and events

With 45 years’ experience in facilitating stem cell transplants and tissue typing donors, we are delighted to provide training and events to the transplant community, as well as offer a central hub for information about events around the world. These are great opportunities for professional development and networking, as we bring together the transplant community.

Training events

Clinical transplant education course

Aimed at healthcare professionals working in stem cell transplantation, this course covers topics such as Verification Typing, HLA matching, the Cord Blood Programme, our outstanding volunteer couriers and more.

This course will focus on:

  1. HLA factors
  2. Practical experience in donor selection
  3. Donor medical evaluations
  4. Cord blood processes
  5. Operational processes 

We value feedback from attendees to make sure we stay up to date with latest trends and demands. If you are interested in attending or have any questions or feedback please contact

Graft selection strategy workshop (GSSW)

As well as talks from notable speakers on key themes, the GSSW is an opportunity for professionals in the transplant community to interact and share ideas around search and selection, as well as best practice.

This event is open to all H&I Labs, Clinical Scientists and Transplant Coordinators involved in unrelated donor and cord blood unit selection process. Continuous professional development points are also available at this workshop. Past topics covered new approaches in graft selection and ways clinicians, H&I scientists and Registry can work together to get the best donors to the patient.

Transplant coordinator workshop

The workshop is a chance for Transplant Coordinators and Registry Coordinators to have a detailed conversation about all the steps of donor provision and discuss registry processes.

It is a valuable opportunity to better understand each other, raise any existing obstacles and see what we at Anthony Nolan can do together to provide a donor for your patient in the most efficient way. The day is also a great opportunity for everyone to learn and to share experiences.

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To attend a session or if you want more information about these events, please contact our Customer Services team.

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