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Our ambition is to provide the ideal treatment for everyone who needs a stem cell transplant and make sure they’re free of all complications as they recover.

Our dedicated research teams are improving every single step of the transplant journey – from finding the perfect match for every patient to developing new treatments to aid their recovery. They are supported by state of the art research facilities at our three sites, the Anthony Nolan Research Institute, Cell Therapy Centre and London Sequencing labs.

Research at Anthony Nolan

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Who we work with

We collaborate with both national and and international organisations.

We also offer clinical and scientific services to academic and commercial organisations to aid your own research:

  • Sequencing Laboratory - Our labs offer a range of services including ABO blood grouping and virology testing. You can find a full list of our service available here.
  • Cell & Gene Therapy Services – Our lifesaving donors also provide blood and stem cells for research projects, including exciting new cell therapies. You can rely on our experienced and dedicated Cell and Gene Therapy Services to provide products of the highest quality.

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We know that one of the best ways to accelerate this process is to share our knowledge and work together with like-minded organisations and researchers. If you are interested in the work we are doing, or you would like to collaborate with some of our researchers, please get in touch to discuss it further.

Our research policies and strategy

Our Research Integrity Policy is available here
Read about our policy on animal testing
You can read more about our overall research strategy here