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Anthony Nolan has been providing donor cells for haematopoietic stem cell transplantation for over 45 years.

Drawing on our expertise built up over these decades, we are now offering the Cell and Gene Therapy Service, which aims to help facilitate ethical research and development in the cell and gene therapies sector to improve the quality of patients’ lives.   

How does the service work?

We aim to support this work by providing researchers, cell and gene therapy developers, and manufacturers with both the adult donor and cord blood cells they need. 

We offer a bespoke service providing a variety of blood products including adult PBSC, lymphocytes, whole blood, as well as cord blood and cord tissue to help meet the research objectives.  

Our goal is to work with the researchers and developers to deliver high quality starting materials that are sourced in the UK and that meet their needs.  

For further information, please get in touch

Connect with us directly to explore how we can partner together to develop next-generation cell and gene therapies. 

You can use the online form here or phone: +44 (0)303 303 0303 and ask for Cell and Gene Therapies Team.