Cord blood collection process

Umbilical Cord material

Umbilical cord materials have the power to repair, regenerate and save lives.

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Blood from the umbilical cord and placenta is a rich source of stem and progenitor cells, and can be used to treat many blood cancers, immune deficiencies and genetic disorders. In addition, the function and biology of the cells present a unique potential for the development of novel cell therapies, which is why so many of our partners working in advanced therapies and regenerative medicine choose to use it.

Umbilical tissue is a potent source of mesenchymal stromal cells, which have shown to have potential benefits in a range of conditions because of their ability to help regulate the immune system and to self-renew and differentiate into a wide range of tissue, such as bone, cartilage, or liver. 

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Our products

The Anthony Nolan Cord Blood Bank opened in 2008. It now contains over 10,000 banked high quality cord units and continues an active collection Programme, collecting from over 6,000 new donors each year. Our donors are fully informed and consent for the materials to be used for a wide range of clinical and research applications.

Options include:

  • Fresh collected whole cord blood
  • Cryopreserved reduced-volume cord blood 
  • Research and clinical-grade materials 
  • Fresh cord tissue 
  • Isolated cells, including CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells and Natural Killer (NK) cells 
  • Enriched samples, containing mononuclear cells (MNC), platelet-poor (PPP) or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) 

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Help and support

We have helped over 60 groups around the world gain access to cord materials for their research needs. 

Whether you’re running clinical trials, working in pre-clinical research, or developing new cell therapies, by choosing Anthony Nolan, you will benefit from: 

  • Access to a large donor pool with a wide variety of HLA tissue types and diverse ethnic backgrounds
  • Swift turnaround times 
  • Competitive pricing
  • Global shipping by professional, reliable couriers 
  • The reassurance that Anthony Nolan Cord Blood Bank is HTA licensed and FACT Netcord accredited in the UK

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