Policy Insights Panel

We established The Policy Insights Panel in 2020 to set out our cornerstone policy priorities.

Formed of around 15 people across the UK with experience of a stem cell transplant, the Panel provides vital direction and clarity to our work. It enables us to hone in on the changes most needed in the stem cell transplant arena and continually challenges us to do better for patients.

What does the Policy Insights Panel do?

The Policy Insights Panel work alongside Anthony Nolan to ensure stem cell transplant patients across the UK have vital access to the treatment, care and support now and in the future.

This has proved particularly important through the COVID-19 pandemic, when access to services has been threatened by restrictions. The Panel has helped to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on patients’ outcomes and experience and to take the lessons learnt during the crisis to improve future services and ways of working.

The Panel meet quarterly to discuss recent policy developments that will impact stem cell transplant patients and help provide focus and direction to our policy priorities as an organisation.

If you are interested in learning more about the Panel, whether this is regarding the activities they undertake or if you are interested in joining, please get in touch: