Three images of young people swabbing their mouths in order to join the stem cell register

Luton Swab Week 2024

Step up to save lives at Luton Swab Week

For people with blood cancer or a blood disorder, a stem cell transplant from a matching stranger is often their only hope of survival. And the best match for these patients is likely to be from someone who shares their ethnicity. This is your chance to be the lifesaving match for someone who is waiting for treatment.

If you’re from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background, you’re more likely to have a rare tissue type than someone from a white, northern European background. So you’re less likely to find a perfect matching donor on the stem cell register.

That’s why we’re holding Luton Swab Week from 29 January to 2 February 2024.

Because the more potential lifesavers we can add to the stem cell register – from as many different backgrounds as possible – the better chance everyone has of finding a lifesaving match.

If you’re a student at Luton Sixth Form College, Barnfield College or the University of Bedfordshire, this is your chance to become a potential lifesaver.  

If you’re not a student and are aged 16-30, you can still become a lifesaver. Just click on this link to order a postal swab kit


All I really know about my recipient is he’s probably mixed Indian-White-British. And there’s not enough of me on the register.

Sonny, stem cell donor

Signing up is so easy –

it takes no more than 10 minutes and involves two simple steps: 

First, you’ll fill in a short form on your mobile, answering basic questions including your age, your height and contact details.

Then you swab both your cheeks. We’ll use this sample to work out your HLA type, which will be recorded on a secure database only accessed for the purpose of making potentially lifesaving matches.

Young Black male swabbing his cheek at the Marrow Conference

Luton Swab Week is
on your campus now from 29th January
– join us!

You could help save the life of someone with blood cancer or a blood disorder.

Reach out

Visit the stand in your College during Swab Week to sign up to the register

Luton Sixth Form College 

Barnfield College 

University of Bedfordshire 

Not a student? Click here to Join the register

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Following Luton Swab Week 2023:

  • 83% of donors registered were from ethnically diverse backgrounds 
  • 50% increase in ethnically diverse donors from Luton on the Anthony Nolan stem cell register

Incredible results – let’s do even more in 2024!