Anthony Nolan Christmas Carols FAQs

Christmas Carols FAQs

How will I watch the event virtually?

The week before the event you will be sent a web link. You will just need to click and follow the link to access the live feed.

There's nothing to download but your event experience will be best via Chrome or Firefox and on a laptop or computer.

Can I watch it on Chromecast or Airplay?

Yes, the platform is browser based so is compatible with Chromecast and Airplay if you have it enabled on your devices.

Can I share this link with my household?

Yes, only one link is needed per household.

What do I do if the video or sound doesn’t work?

Check your Wi-Fi connection and speakers. If there is a problem with the feed from the event, a holding message will appear on screen. If you continue to experience issues and there is no holding message advising of a problem, please contact 

What time will the virtual event start?

The live feed will start at 7pm and end around 8pm.

Will I be able to follow a programme?

Yes, the week before the event we will send you an email with the web link and the programme which will have the lyrics to the congregational carols.

Will I be on video or able to speak during the event?

We can't see or hear you during the event, but we do have a chat box you can connect with others in. 

Will I be able to ‘chat’ with other guests?

Yes, there will be a chat box you can connect with others in.

Will the event be subtitled?

Yes, the event will be subtitled using automated subtitles. These are auto generated so may not be 100% accurate.

Contact us

Get in touch if you need anything else before the day.