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Cord donation stories

Read some stories from families who have donated cord.

Kellie's Story


We decided to donate our twins cord blood to the Anthony Nolan charity via Kings College hospital, Camberwell, London. It didn’t hurt me or my babies  & would have otherwise been chucked away! The cord blood is collected & goes to someone who is fighting blood cancer - where it can literally give someone a second chance of life.

Our babies became life savers at birth. I recommend any "mother’s to be" to look into doing the same. It’s a gorgeous thing to do for a stranger in need.'  

Kellie Shirley, who donated her twins’ cord blood in 2015. 

Martina's story

‘From the moment of birth, your baby becomes a lifesaver for someone else. We couldn’t recommend the whole process and the Anthony Nolan staff highly enough! The umbilical cord enabled Flora to grow into a beautiful healthy baby and by donating Flora’s cord blood we hope it will give someone else the chance of life.’ 

Martina, who donated Flora’s cord blood in 2018.

Georgia's story

‘If my umbilical cord blood can help another child, why not go for it? What‘s the point of throwing it away if I can help a child? There are not enough samples from ethnic minority people because not enough people are willing to donate their cord blood.’ 

Georgia, who donated Raldtina's cord blood in 2018.