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Every year, 2,000 people with blood cancer or a blood disorder find themselves with just one chance left to survive: a lifesaving stem cell transplant. Our charity is working hard to make sure nobody dies waiting for a transplant and that their survival and quality of life are the best they can possibly be.

But we can’t do this without your support.

Will you donate today to save and improve lives?

Your £10 a month could help to add three new potential lifesavers to the stem cell register each year

Your £5 a month could fund ground-breaking research into finding the best possible matches for patients

Every month, your £3 could help provide clinical support for patients waiting for a match

£60 could pay for two hours of post-transplant support from an Anthony Nolan nurse

£30 could help fund the search for someone’s lifesaving donor

£15 could pay for the swab packs to collect the DNA of 25 potential donors

Deb's story

When Deb received a life-threatening leukaemia diagnosis in 2010, it seemed to come out of nowhere.

‘I was a healthy weight and I was swimming 100 lengths a day so I was really fit, didn’t smoke, didn’t drink alcohol to excess.’

Suddenly, her life was at risk. She urgently needed a stem cell transplant to survive. Anthony Nolan was able to find her a stem cell donor match, in order to save her life. Today, it’s enabled her to see her grandchildren, return to work and get back to worrying about the little things:

‘Sometimes, I look in the mirror and think “oh I’m all wrinkled now”. But to have those small worries again rather than wondering “Will today be the day I die?”, it’s fantastic.’

Sadly, not everyone finds the match they need, like Deb did. Our charity urgently needs your help to fund the search for lifesaving donors and give more people a chance of life.

Without your support, there is no cure.