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2022 - peer-reviewed journal articles

This page lists peer-reviewed journal articles published by staff of Anthony Nolan. Where possible we have provided links to the articles abstract and any freely available PDF of the full text.

  • Arrieta-Bolaños E, Crivello P, He M, Wang T, Gadalla SM, Paczesny S, Marsh SGE, Lee SJ, Spellman SR, Bolon YT, Fleischhauer K. A core group of structurally similar HLA-DPB1 alleles drives permissiveness after hematopoietic cell transplantation. Blood (2022) 140 659-663 View Abstract
  • Bricogne C, Halliday N, Fernando R, Tsochatzis EA, Davidson BR, Harber M, Westbrook RH. Donor-recipient human leukocyte antigen A mismatching is associated with hepatic artery thrombosis, sepsis, graft loss, and reduced survival after liver transplant. Liver Transplantation (2022) 28 1306-20 View Abstract
  • Cargou M, Elsermans V, Cambridge CA, Guidicelli G, Visentin J. Characterization of the novel HLA-DPB1*665:01:02 allele by sequencing-based typing. HLA (2022) 99 150-2 View Abstract
  • Cheranev V, Cooper M, Jankevic T, Turner TR, Loginova M. Description of a novel allele HLA-DRB1*16:02:10, identified in a bone marrow donor. HLA (2022) 99 135-6 View Abstract
  • Fernandez-Sojo J, Horton R, Cid J, Azqueta C, Garcia-Buendia A, Valdivia E, Martorell L, Rubio-Lopez N, Codinach M, Aran G, Marsal J, Mussetti A, Martino R, Diaz-de-Heredia C, Ferra C, Valcarcel D, Linares M, Ancochea A, García-Rey E, García-Muñoz N, Medina L, CarrerasE, Villa J, Lozano M, Gibson D, Querol S Leukocytapheresis variables and transit time for allogeneic cryopreserved hpc: better safe than sorry. Bone Marrow Transplantation (2022) in press
  • Fuchs EJ, McCurdy SR, Solomon SR, Wang T, Herr M, Modi D, Grunwald M, Nishihori T, Kuxhausen M, Fingerson S, McKallor C, Bashey A, Kasamon YL, Bolon YT, Saad A, McGuirk J, Paczesny S, Gadalla S, Marsh SGE, Shaw BE, R. SS, Lee SJ, Petersdorf EW. HLA informs risk predictions after Haploidentical Stem Cell Transplantation with post-transplantation Cyclophosphamide. Blood (2022) 139 1452-1468 View Abstract
  • Joris MM, Schmidt AH, Bernas SN, Feinberg J, Sacchi N, Elmoazzen H, Fournier D, Oguz F, Oliveira D, Yang KL, Mousavi SA, Moomivand S, Abecasis M, Villa J, Fechter MM, Seval GC, Jeyarajah T, Devine SM, Shaw BE, Galarza P, Malan R, Harvey C, Forman SJ, Foeken L. Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on global unrelated stem cell donations in 2020-Report from World Marrow Donor Association. Bone Marrow Transplantation (2022) in press View Full Text (PDF)
  • McReynolds LJ, Rafati M, Wang Y, Ballew BJ, Kim J, Williams VV, Zhou W, Hendricks RM, Dagnall C, Freedman ND, Carter B, Strollo S, Hicks B, Zhu B, Jones K, Paczesny S, Marsh SGE, Spellman SR, He M, Wang T, Lee SJ, Savage SA, Gadalla SM: Genetic testing in severe aplastic anemia is required for optimal hematopoietic cell transplant outcomes. Blood (2022) 140 909-921 View Abstract
  • Millard T, Sammour F, Anthias C, Easdale S, Gonzalez-Arias C, Ethell M, Potter M, Iyengar S, El-Sharkawi D, Attygalle AD, Chau I, Cunningham D, Nicholson E, Sharma B. Can pre-transplant 18F-choline positron emission tomography predict relapse following autologous stem cell transplantation in primary central nervous system lymphoma? Bone Marrow Transplantation (2022) 57 113-5 View Abstract
  • Naidoo R, Low J, Rennoldson M, Danby R, Leonard H, Madrigal JA, Anthias C. Variations in provision of psychological care to hematopoietic cell transplant recipients: results of a national survey of UK Transplant Centers. Bone Marrow Transplantation (2022) in press
  • Osoegawa K, Marsh SGE, Holdsworth R, Heidt S, Fischer G, Murphey C, Maiers M, Fernández Viña MA. A new strategy for systematically classifying HLA alleles into serological specificities. HLA (2022) in press
  • Otegbeye F, Fernandez Viña MA, Wang T, Bolon YT, Lazaryan A, Beitinjaneh A, Bhatt VR, Castillo P, Marsh SGE, Hildebrandt GC, Assal A, Brown VI, Hsu J, Spellman S, de Lima M, Lee SJ: Natural killer cell alloreactivity predicted by killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor ligand mismatch does not impact engraftment in umbilical cord blood and haploidentical stem cell transplantation. Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (2022) in press    
  • Peacock S, Briggs D, Barnardo M, Battle R, Brookes P, Callaghan C, Clark B, Collins C, Day S, Diaz Burlinson N, Dunn P, Fernando R, Fuggle S, Harmer A, Kallon D, Keegan D, Key T, Lawson E, Lloyd S, Martin J, Mccaughan J, Middleton D, Partheniou F, Poles A, Rees T, Sage D, Santos-Nunez E, Shaw O, Willicombe M & Worthington J. BSHI/BTS guidance on crossmatching before deceased donor kidney transplantation. Int J Immunogenet,  (2022) 49 22-29 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Ros-Soto J, Snowden JA, Szydlo R, Nicholson E, Madrigal A, Easdale S, Potter M, Ethell M, Anthias C. Outcomes following DLI in patients with haematological malignancies: Donor characteristics matter. Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (2022) 28 183 e1-183 e8 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Ruggeri A, de Wreede LC, Müller CR, Crivello P, Bonneville EF, Petersdorf EW, Socié G, Dubois V, Niittyvuopio R, Peräsaari J, Yakoub-Agha I, Cornelissen JJ, Wieten L, Gedde-Dahl T, Forcade E, Crawley CR, Marsh SGE, Gandemer V, Tholouli E, Bulabois CE, Huynh A, Choi G, Deconinck E, Itäla-Remes M, Lenhoff S, Bengtson M, Johansson JE, van Gorkom G, Hoogenboom JD, Vago L, Rocha V, Bonini C, Chabannon C, Fleischhauer K. Integrating biological HLA-DPB1 mismatch models to predict survival after unrelated hematopoietic cell transplantation.  Haematologia (2022) in press View Full Text (PDF)
  • Schwartz JC, Maccari G, Heimeier D, Hammond JA. Highly-contiguous bovine genomes underpin accurate functional analyses and updated nomenclature of MHC class I. HLA (2022) 99 167-82 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Talash K, Anthias C Machin LL. Exploring the perceived benefits of ethics education for laboratory professionals. International Journal of Ethics Education (2022) in press View Full Text (PDF)
  • Turner TR, Hayward DR, Gymer AW, Barker DJ, Leen G, Cambridge CA, Macpherson HL, Georgiou X, Cooper MA, Lucas JAM, Nadeem D, Robinson J, Mayor NP, Marsh SGE. Widespread non-coding polymorphism in HLA class II genes of International HLA and Immunogenetics Workshop cell lines. HLA (2022) 99 328-356 View Abstract
  • Weber M, Sacchi N, Haun S, Tistl I, Thompson S, Sengomona H, Ahmed SM, Kursteiner O, Schwarz C, Wuchter J. Audit of donor centre: guidelines by the World Marrow Donor Association Quality and Regulation Working Group. Bone Marrow Transplantation (2022) 57 466-476 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Williams HB, Lucas JAM, Cambridge CA, Marsh SGE, Mayor NP. Characterization of the novel HLA-A*02:01:01:206 in a Northern European individual. HLA (2022) 100 59-60 View Abstract
  • Williams HB, Lucas JAM, Georgiou X, Marsh SGE, Mayor NP. Identification of the novel HLA-E*01:03:02:25 allele in an Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia patient. HLA (2022) 100 90-92 View Abstract
  • Williams HB, Turner TR, Cambridge CA, Marsh SGE, Mayor NP. The novel HLA-DRB1*03:01:01:05 and -DPB1*04:02:01:21 alleles identified in patients with acute leukemia. HLA (2022) 99 650-2 View Abstract
  • Wynn LA, Horton R, Gibson D. Ethnic diversity and cord blood banking: satisfying the unmet need. Cytotherapy (2022) in press View Abstract
  • Zou J, Wang T, He M, Bolon YT, Gadalla S, Marsh SGE, Kuxhausen M, Gale RP, Sharma A, Assal A, Prestidge T, Aljurf M, Cerny J, Paczesny S, Spellman SR, Lee SJ, Ciurea SO. Number of HLA mismatched eplets is not associated with major outcomes in haploidentical transplantation with post-transplantation cyclophosphamide: A Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research Study. Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (2022) 28 107.e1-107.e8 View Full Text (PDF)