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Meet Glenn Abbassi, one of our volunteer couriers

Glenn’s first husband died from aplastic anaemia in 1980 - a blood disorder which has effects that are similar to leukaemia. At that time she was secretary of the then Surrey Marsden Leukaemia Research Fund and had read Shirley Nolan's book A Kiss through Glass (personally signed by Shirley). From then on, Glenn was determined to do all she could to help people with blood cancers and blood disorders and has been an active supporter of Anthony Nolan.

Becoming a courier in November 2006 sounded like a natural progression to Glenn, and since then she’s made over 190 trips all over the world. Most of her overseas trips are to Germany and other European destinations, but over the years she has travelled long-haul to destinations including Brisbane and Bangkok, ensuring the precious stem cells arrive on time. With a 72 hour window to courier the bone marrow from donor to patient, all those miles quickly add up.

Glenn says: ‘It’s really has been quite a journey – no pun intended! – and one I’ve enjoyed every single second of.’




Archived Press release