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Blood Cancer Awareness Month Sticker

This year we’re proud to be celebrating Blood Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). An annual campaign that takes place every September, the month is dedicated to raising awareness of blood cancers and disorders and highlighting the inspiring stories of patients and stem cell donors, who offer their match a second chance of life.

For compelling stories, data and insights and expert comment from our host of spokespeople, Anthony Nolan’s award-winning communications team can provide a full support service to journalists, researchers and producers looking to shine a light on BCAM.

World Marrow Donor Day 2022

As part of BCAM 2022, World Marrow Donor Day this year falls on 17 September. This is a global awareness day dedicated to thanking stem cell/bone marrow donors across the world and promoting the lifechanging impact of stem cell donation.

Our storytellers

Blood Cancer Awareness Month is all about championing our incredible patients and donors who all have a moving story to tell.

Storyteller for blood cancer awareness month


Joshua received a leukaemia diagnosis at just 14 years old. He underwent treatment and spent several months in hospital. Now in his twenties, Joshua still remembers the isolation and anxiety he experienced when he was ill and is an advocate for all young patients. Joshua works with Anthony Nolan and other charities to help develop a more diverse, positive space for patients to talk about their experience.

Storyteller for blood cancer awareness month

Chris and Mark

Londoner Chris received a lifesaving stem cell donation from Mark, from Ireland, just a few years ago. This year, Chris got married in a joyful ceremony surrounded by his loved ones where Mark was also in attendance. The two men talk about their special bond and how vital it is that young men consider joining the stem cell register.

Storyteller for blood cancer awareness month

Ross and Pascal

Leeds-based Ross desperately needed a stem cell transplant back in 2016. An urgent international appeal was launched and he then found Pascal from Cologne, Germany. Now, Ross has Pascal saved in his phone as ‘brother’ and the pair have recently both become first-time fathers to daughters in the same year. They can’t wait for their daughters to meet and become pals. The pair talk passionately about the need for young men to join the stem cell register.

Storyteller for blood cancer awareness month


Ami’s father Viren received a stem cell transplant two years ago, so the whole family have experienced first-hand just how difficult it can be to find a donor. What’s more, Ami and her family are South Asian, so Ami is a huge supporter of increasing the diversity of the stem cell register and raising awareness around the lifechanging impact of finding a donor can be for people like her dad.

Our experts

Henny - Daisy Ball 2019

Henny Braund MBE

Our CEO, Henny, has worked at Anthony Nolan since 2009. Henny sees it as her primary role to champion our cause and to galvanise people to help our lifesaving work. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Henny is our expert spokesperson who can talk about our great need for a more diverse register and sign ups from young men. 

Storyteller for blood cancer awareness month

Jenna Love

Jenna is a Clinical Psychologist who works at St George's Hospital, London. Working with cancer patients and people pre and post stem cell transplant, Jenna has a remarkable insight into the experience of patients with blood cancer and the journey to finding a donor and beyond. In addition, Jenna works with patients who are post-transplant and physically well, but still struggle with aspects of their mental health – an issue often overlooked when we talk about stem cell transplants.

About Anthony Nolan

Anthony Nolan saves the lives of people with blood cancer. We use our register to match potential stem cell donors to blood cancer and blood disorder patients in need of stem cell transplants. We also carry out pioneering research to increase stem cell transplant success, and support patients through their transplant journeys. We champion the stories of those with blood cancer or a blood disorder and stem cell donors to increase awareness of the UK’s need for a more populated and diverse register.

Every day Anthony Nolan gives three people a second chance at life.

Stats and facts

  • About 2,300 people in the UK need a stem cell transplant from a stranger every year    
  • Anthony Nolan needs more young men to sign up, as they account for over half of all donations received by an unrelated patient but make up just 18% of the register    
  • Anthony Nolan needs more people from minority ethnic backgrounds to sign up. Only 37% of transplant recipients from minority ethnic backgrounds receive the best stem cell donor match from an unrelated donor. This is compared to 72% of patients from white northern European backgrounds.     
  • Blood cancer is the fifth most common type of cancer in the UK and the third biggest cancer killer. It accounts for 9% of all new cases of cancer diagnosed in the UK.    
  • 90% of donors donate through PBSC (peripheral blood stem cell collection). This is a simple, outpatient procedure similar to giving blood    

Contact our press team

If you would like to hear more from us on Blood Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) 2022, please contact the Anthony Nolan press team on:

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