Virology Testing

Virology testing is a specialised field of microbiology, and not one that all laboratory staff are trained in. Here at Anthony Nolan, it’s part of our day-to-day. We provide a comprehensive screening service that can be tailored to your needs, and deliver fast results without compromising on accuracy.

Our Virology Testing Services

At Anthony Nolan, we use a reliably sensitive screening assay (ELISA) to test human serum (sera) for the presence of:

  • CMV (antibody)
  • HIV1/2 (antibody/antigen)
  • Hepatitis B (antigen) 
  • Hepatitis C (antibody) 

We can also work with you to tailor a virology screening service to suit your needs.

Runs are carried out daily by our dedicated Technical Services Team, ensuring a quick turnaround.  Samples requiring further investigation may be confirmed by referral to alternative laboratories.

Would you like to use our Virology Screening Services?

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