Clinical and Processing Supervisor

Why did you choose to work for Anthony Nolan?

The vision of the charity was what drew me in. To be able to make a difference to people’s lives really mattered to me. Along with that, I could fulfil my passion for science at the same time.

Tell us your story so far

This year, I will be celebrating my 10th anniversary here. I cannot believe how that has happened. Suppose time goes fast when you’re having fun!

Since joining the organisation in 2010, I slowly worked my way through multiple roles which lead me to my current position as a clinical and processing supervisor.

What makes someone thrive here?

Throwing themselves in and moulding themselves into the team. Trying to get involved with as much as they can. Not everything will be your cup of tea but you never know until you give it a go. There is so much to get involved with if you want to.

Tell us about learning and development

One thing I have loved learning is my understanding around mental health. Anthony Nolan have offered the chance for people to do a two-day mental health first aider course and I have to say it has not only helped at work with my colleagues but outside of work with friends and family.

What is it really like to work here?

Its brilliant, we have a great team and always have some social activities going on. I can’t say it’s been plain sailing 100% of the time. There have been highs and lows but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. This journey has made me who I am today and I’ve grown so much.

What do you think makes Anthony Nolan unique as an employer?

For me, it has to be the opportunity to take a sabbatical. What an amazing opportunity to offer members of staff – it just shows how much they value their people!