London commuters' chance to save a life

July 11, 2012
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Our latest campaign asks commuters to make way for Anthony Nolan’s lifesaving transplant couriers during the Olympics.

Anthony Nolan’s volunteer couriers hand-deliver lifesaving blood stem cells which are used to treat blood cancers, such as leukaemia. They have just 72 hours to reach their patient, in desperate need of a lifesaving transplant. Patients can be anywhere in the world.

Blood stem cells must be hand-carried by trained couriers so they are not damaged en-route to the patient. This means couriers can only use taxis, public transport, or in the case of international journeys, planes to travel.

Anthony Nolan Chief Executive Henny Braund said; ‘Commuters could become lifesavers by always giving way whenever they see someone carrying an Anthony Nolan courier bag. We have just 72 hours to hand-deliver lifesaving blood stem cells from the donor to the patient; every minute is vital.’

Anthony Nolan will deliver lifesaving blood stem cells to around 34 patients during the Olympic period, which is an average of two courier journeys every day. A support team will help couriers find the quickest route through central London, and keep the hospital informed of their progress so they can prepare their patients.

Henny Braund adds; ‘We do not want to alarm anyone waiting for a transplant as the team are fully prepared and will do everything necessary to deliver the blood stem cells in good time, but commuters can help this process run as smoothly as possible.”

Outdoor media owner CBS Outdoor UK have donated a free ‘super bus rear’ ad spot to help launch the campaign.